Intrapreneurship Keynote Topics

Called “The da Vinci of Finance” by clients and partners, Dr. Haller is on a mission to light the spark and nourish the flame of intrapreneurship by creating a million intrapreneurs, who are yearning for freedom to create and innovate.

Intrapreneurship Keynote Topic # 1

The Top 3 Secrets To Ignite Innovation and Increase Profits

Business owners need cutting-edge innovation to provide their organization with a competitive advantage. Intrapreneurship propels companies forward and boosts their profitability quicker.
During this powerful game changing presentation you will learn:

  • How to discover, advance, and inspire gifted intrapreneurs to cultivate innovation within your organization
  • Why intrapreneurship is the secret to escalating and enduring profits
  • How to profit from the collective intelligence of your entire organization to generate fresh original ideas for unique, remarkable, and new significant products and services

Intrapreneurship Keynote Topic # 2

The 9 Habits of Highly Successful Intrapreneurs: Do You Have Them?

As a result of this presentation you’ll be inspired to bring intrapreneurship alive within your organization to ignite long-term profitability, enthusiasm, and be in a stellar position to retain a highly gifted staff.
During this exciting presentation about intrapreneurs you will learn:

  • The 9 habits of highly successful intrapreneurs and how you can discover and advance these key employees already working within your organization
  • How to recruit, develop, and retain innovators so you can channel their creativity to your organization’s goals and objectives
  • How intrapreneurs generate escalating and enduring success with inventive ideas created for your organization

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