Case Studies: Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship: Real World Case Studies

Many corporations realize that from time to time they must re-invent themselves in order to stay at the forefront of business and navigate into new, unchartered waters. They must prescribe to a new way of thinking. They must change the direction in which they are going to expose themselves to new opportunities. Profound change occurs over a period of time.

For corporations to stay competitive in a changing global economy they must change and evolve. A corporation that stays static typically has a small variety of products or services to offer their clientele. This approach to business only works in a small amount of niche markets. In a global economy however, corporations must be able to offer their clientele many new and different products and services. They must constantly innovate and stay one step ahead of their competition if they expect to survive. In order to generate and test new ideas, corporations need to have a formal intrapreneurship program in place.

We hope you enjoy the real-world case studies of intrapreneurship!
Dr. Haller and the Intrapreneurship Institute

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