2014 Entrepreneurs Inspire Conference

Dr Howard Haller, Intrapreneur, Entrepreneur, Professional Keynote SpeakerOklahoma State University’s Riata Center to host the fifth annual Entrepreneurs Inspire Conference at the Cox Business Center in Tulsa on April 8.

Intrapreneurship Expert Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D. is a sought-after keynote speaker who inspires leaders serious about big growth to nourish the intrapreneurship flame to ignite innovation, create and retain key employees, unlock product creation, expand market share, and achieve and sustain higher profits.

Dr. Haller will be a featured intrapreneurship (corporate entrepreneurship) speaker at the OSU Entrepreneurship Conference addressing these exciting subjects!

Session title # 1:

Design Intrapreneurship Programs to Unlock Innovation and Creativity


Successful companies encourage their employees to think out-of-the-box in order to fuel the growth of their businesses. Free flowing ideas that are frequently being generated from their employees may become the next big product to be sold in a new and emerging market. New innovations, whether it is a new product or service, gives a corporation a competitive advantage within their industry. Intrapreneurs are both innovators and integral to the process of invention. They generate exciting new ideas and solutions that benefit their corporations. They are consistently creating ideas for products and services that are unique, new, relevant, and important for its existence. These products and services fulfill the needs of their clients within a specific market or society. Innovation propels companies forward, boosts their profitability, and allows them to expand and grow at a faster rate.

Session title # 2:

Utilize Intrapreneurship Programs to Recruit and Retain Key Employees


Today’s employees want to be part of a team. They want to be heard. They want the ability to use their talents, skills, ability, and intellect, to create, build, and contribute. The ability to hire, advance and retain star or key employees is a vital part of creating an effective and sustainable competitive advantage in today’s business world. Companies that nurture and support an environment of freedom for their employees to create and operate new ventures will broaden their horizons in the future. An intrapreneurship program can be an essential part of these efforts and should be integrated fully into every organization to help ensure the critical cycle of recruitment, development, and retention continues.

Ignite the creative power of intrapreneurship within your organization!

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