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Serial Intrapreneur: Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D.

Howard HeadshotDr. Haller goes beyond concept and theory of intrapreneurship. As a proven “hands on” intrapreneurship expert, he has taken multiple intrapreneurial ventures, as founder or co-founder, from Zero in sales to over Hundreds of Millions of dollars in sales, each in four years or less. Haller successfully built a series of profitable intrapreneurial (corporate entrepreneurial) entities within large and medium companies, including: PR1ME Computer, Anaconda-Ericsson Inc., and Corona Data Systems.

Dr. Haller is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, including co-founding, taking public, and then selling for cash the technology firm RETIX to Crédit Lyonnais Bank. “Doc” Haller is an accomplished commercial real estate entrepreneur (Broker, Investor, Developer, Contractor, and Mentor).

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Many corporations realize that from time to time they must re-invent themselves in order to stay at the forefront of business and navigate into new, unchartered waters. They must prescribe to a new way of thinking. They must change the direction in which they are going to expose themselves to new opportunities.

For corporations to stay competitive in a changing global economy they must change and evolve. A corporation that stays static typically has a small variety of products or services to offer their clientele. This approach to business only works in a small amount of niche markets. They must constantly innovate and stay one step ahead of their competition if they expect to survive. In order to generate and test new ideas, corporations need to have a formal intrapreneurship program in place.

Intrapreneurship Success, a PR1ME Example, Cover of Dr. Haller's Book

Dr. Haller's Book
Intrapreneurship Success, A PR1ME Example

Howard E. Haller, Ph.D. knows first-hand how intrapreneurship can increase creativity, unlock innovation, maximize human capital, and increase profits within an organization. Haller co-created PR1ME Leasing within PR1ME Computer during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s which advanced PR1ME Computer Inc.’s sales to grow from $22 million in annual sales to $480 million in annual sales in only 5 years. Intrapreneurship was one of the key driving elements of PR1ME’s success.

In 1982, Howard E. Haller (now Dr. Haller) wrote his University Master’s Thesis as a detailed inside case study from the view of an intrapreneur and co-founder on “The Marketing and Financial Impact of the Intrapreneurial Creation of the Captive Finance Division of a Rapidly Growing Publically Traded Company.” Dr. Haller’s thesis was later published as Intrapreneurship Success: A PRIME Example, in 2009.

Interesting note on the importance of Haller’s academic research into intrapreneurship and his detailed case study of PR1ME Computer Inc.- Dr. Howard Edward Haller’s 1982 published intrapreneurship academic research and case study and his book Intrapreneurship Success: A PRIME Example are cited in Wikipedia.com’s definition of intrapreneurship.

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